Welcome to Lucas Spain Foods, international trade Halal agri-food

Consortium of Spanish companies exporting processed and innovative products of the highest quality and food safety as IV and V range of foods

The halal concept brings to the Muslim society ethical, healthy, green, fair and sustainable principles that emerge from the Koran.


Lucas Spain Foods start from the halal concept to act on our socio-economic environment; we promote local development to supply the global demand for halal products.

Focused on prepared foods Halal certification divided into two categories: products of IV and V range. 

The IV range is characterized as practical products without additives and natural, aimed at those who spend time in the kitchen and take advantage of opportunities to use: Fresh vegetable salads, fruit cocktails and culinary vegetable base. 

The V range is characterized for being quick and easy to prepare products without sacrificing taste properties, quality and freshness, aimed at those who spend some time in the kitchen and wish almost finished products: daily prepared dishes and sophisticated haute cuisine typical of the Mediterranean diet.

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